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On the holidays I went to Bounce with Keira, Lucas, Brayden and Marni.  I mainly went to all the areas evenly. First, I went to the free play area. I did front flips, forward hand springs and ariels. I also rebounded off the walls and that was really fun.

After the free play area, I played dodge ball with Keira and Brayden and Marni stayed with Lucas. When we played dodge ball Keira and I were on a team and Brayden was on the other team.

On my team all 8 of us were still in and on the other team there was only 1 boy left. After about 5 goes we got him out and my team were all winners.

After our big win at dodge ball we went to the air pillow. There is a long trampoline and then it goes into the air pillow. I did an aerial on the trampoline and then I did a front flip into the air pillow. Then the next time I went I did a forward aerial and then a round off turned around and did another front flip.

Bounce was really fun and I definitely want to go there again.

By Alysha




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