Guest Bloggers May 1st

Movie Review- Avengers Age of Ultron

I saw an amazing movie called Avengers Age Of Ultron 26th of April 2015 with my step father Rick. I was very lucky because I got to get a lemonade and popcorn. The Characters were Ultron, Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, Hawk Eye and much more. My favourite part was funny because a very fast guy like the Flash raced into a police station got a gun and told them to help in a rude way.


The story was about a robot called Ultron wanting to destroy the human race and create his own. Tony Stark/Iron Man created Ultron and wanted him to become a Avenger but that didn’t work out, because he thought machines were better then humans.

I loved Age of Ultron. I give this movie 9 out of 10.


Written by Aiden

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  1. Hi Aiden I hope you like my comment, I love you story about the Hero thing but please make more stories I need to read them ok, please!

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