The Make-Up Disaster


A little girl in USA was opening her birthday present. It was a makeup kit. It had black /blue mascara and pink/red/cream blush and red pink orange lip stick. She took it to school to show her friends what she got. When she got to school she shared it. Five boys were really nasty to her.

1 boy stole the black mascara. 1 boy stole the red lip stick. 1 boy stole blue mascara. 1 boy stole orange lip stick. 1 boy stole cream blush. She told the yard duty teacher. The teacher found the five boys and told them to give it back to her. They gave all the makeup back. And said sorry.


School Choir

How do you feel to be on stage and in front of everyone and singing?

Well I love to sing and be on stage it feels awesome!!!!! When I was about to go on stage I took a big deep breath in and out.

At my school, Killara Primary School, in Sunbury, I have had the opportunity to sing in the schools music class, with Kelli. She is a fantastic music teacher as I learn all the different songs and singing notes.

This year I got to sing in front of the whole school. This was special as it was about ANZAC Day. I got to sing Australia Remembers and The Spirit of the ANZACS it was great and everyone clapped after we finished.

By Tierney




Alex’s Blog


My dogs

I have two dogs their names are Ralph and George. They are corgis. One is brown and the other is black. George is a puppy he is eight months old and Ralph is ten years old.

They are very cute. George is always getting into trouble and Ralph is good. George has a long tail and Ralph has a short tail both have brown eyes.


Paper Planes and origami

Who doesn’t like to play with paper planes? There are gliders and super planes and kites and much more. I know how to make a rotor copter. Paper planes are awesome there are racers and they do tricks.


Now we will talk about origami. Origami is folded paper made in to birds and boats and other things. It is too beautiful and it is fragile and it is hard to make.


Jurassic World the Movie

Today I will tell you about Jurassic world the movie coming out. The dinosaurs in the movie are tyrannosaurus rex, dilophosaurus and raptors. Now I will tell you the humans Owen, Claire, Gay, Zach, Simon, Massrani, Dr Wu and Hoskins ACU’s and vets. You can buy Jurassic world Lego. There is a tyrannosaurus rex Lego with a vet, an ACU and a human with a truck.


My Class Blog

yay it`s almost the school holidays only 26 more days until then I’m going to die arrrrrg why anyway back to the topic what will we do before school holidays maybe were going to do something special oh and if you want to know what our old topic was magnets now were trying to choose a different topic maybe you can leave a comment please #for ideas# anyway.

                               THE MAIN STORY

So yea before I really didn’t know what to write about but now I kinda got something so the school wants us to do a class blog so a few people will get chosen a month and the whole school is doing this that’s all I have to talk about so bye bye see you next time

By Liam ???????…


  • Hercules

    By Rabia

    Crash, as the blades of the swords could be heard from a mile away. Did you know they used real swords in the play? There was lot’ s of fighting in the play. Hercules was really strong and brave. But in every story, there is always a sad part, for Hercules it was his tragic separation from his parents when he was a baby. He felt really alone and sad a lot of the time. He missed his parents. But every story has a happy ending as well. For Hercules it was that he found his parents in the end. I loved the play a lot.