My Wonderful Exciting Holidays

During the school holidays we went to the Gold Coast and stayed at Sea World Resort for the first 4 nights. We arrived on Sunday night, and on Monday wasted no time in exploring to Sea World. We saw stingrays, dolphins, sharks, heaps of fish in different shapes and sizes, penguins and a couple of very playful polar bears.

On Tuesday we returned to Sea World and mainly went on the rides. Marni, Dad and I went on the Vikings Revenge and the Storm Coaster but only Dad and I went on the Jet Rescue. (Mum didn’t go on any of them).

On Wednesday we went back to Sea World again for the last time, where we had a dolphin adventure. We hopped in the water with Tallulah the dolphin and we got to feet and patted her. After being shown by the dolphin trainer what to do, Tallulah responded to our instructions to jump, wave and speak to us. She felt smooth and like rubber. That was my favourite thing on our holiday.

We also went on the Vikings revenge. Dad, Marni and I went on the Storm Coaster and Marni came on the Jet Rescue with us. We also went to Castaway Bay where Dad, Marni and I scaled a high ropes course. It also had a playground that was extremely hard to get out of. So altogether Sea World was 10/10.

On Thursday we checked out of Sea World Resort and checked into The Towers of Chevron Renaissance in Surfers Paradise. We were on the 37th floor where we had spectacular views of the Coast.

On Friday we went to Movie World. I didn’t go on any rides because they all looked too scary. Dad and Marni went on the Superman Escape. Marni and I went in the wave pool. Movie world was really good but I would rate it an 8 and a half out of 10.

On Saturday we went to watch North Melbourne vs Gold Coast Suns. Unfortunately North Melbourne lost by more than 50 points but it was nice to be at a different stadium (Simonds Stadium)

On Sunday we caught a tram to Broadbeach. The tram took 10 minutes and it then took us over an hour to walk back. We stopped at a very big park. It was really fun because it had a really long slide and a flying fox. That evening we went out for dinner at an Italian restaurant. It was called Costa D’oro. I had a chicken schnitzel and it was very yummy.

On Monday we went to Wet ‘n’ Wild and we went on lots of rides. Dad, Marni and I went on the Tornado and the Constrictor, and with Mum we all went on River Rapids, Mammoth Falls and Aqua 8 Super Racer rides. So I say 10/10 for Wet ‘n’ Wild.

On Tuesday it was time to leave the sunny hot Gold Coast and go back to freezing cold Melbourne. It was nice to be home but I miss the sunny weather.

                So Gold Coast was definitely one of the best holidays EVER!!!!                                                                              

                                                                                                                                                                                               By Alysha                                                                                                                                                                         

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